The TRACY ISLAND CHRONICLES is proud to showcase some of the best original fiction based on the beloved British television series Thunderbirds, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. But thatís not all we do. TIC aims to become your one-stop resource for all things Thunderbirds!

Some of whatís inside:

THUNDERBIRD ONE'S LAUNCHPAD: Where the swimming pool slides back and you lift off to the rest of the Tracy Island Chronicles. THUNDERBIRD TWO'S HANGAR: The further adventures of International Rescue -- over 300 original fanfiction stories, with more added every month. THUNDERBIRD THREE'S SILO: All about the characters and craft that make up Thunderbirds. THUNDERBIRD FOUR'S POD: Fun and games, and our Thunderbirds version of the Mary Sue Litmus Test. THUNDERBIRD FIVE'S COMCENTER: Links and resources for writers and about Thunderbirds in general.

BRAINS' LAB: This is where we get technical. Thunderbirds facts, canon vs fanon, the 2026 vs 2065 debate, and much more. The CREIGHTON-WARD MANSION: Lady Penelope investigates! Behind-the-scenes Thunderbirds secrets, and the men and women who made the show come alive. The NTBS NEWSROOM: NTBS star reporter Ned Cook keeps you updated with the latest news. The home of TICís bimonthly newsletter, ďNed Cookís NTBS Newsflash!Ē (We have to call it that. Itís in his contract, folks.)

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